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November 27, 2016
Let California Go
By Robert Oscar Lopez
When people speak of Hillary Clinton winning the popular vote, they are really speaking about California.  In that state, Hillary Clinton won 6,621,346 votes to Donald Trump's 3,549,576 as of this writing.  This margin of over three million votes alone accounts for any claim that Clinton exceeded Trump in popular support.
Only in California does one find a vast state with a huge population (nearly 40 million people) with multiple sprawling metro areas that all lean strongly Democratic or, at best (in the case of San Diego), just libertarian enough to be less than completely left wing.  The San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Palm Springs, Long Beach, etc. stretch across miles and miles of a complex and diverse landscape, hosting a stunning multiplicity of races and ethnicities.  Yet everywhere you go in the state, you seem to find Democrats or Republicans who just don't strike you as all that conservative.
California is a different country.  They know it, we know it, and the Lord has certainly noticed.  The other 49 states are far worse for being burdened with this swollen modern-day mess.

Pretend the USA got to dump this state.  Rather than Hillary Clinton leading in the popular vote at all, Donald J. Trump would claim 57,284,861 votes over Clinton's 55,160,670, making Trump the winner by 306 electoral votes to 177, sporting a comfy buffer of 2,124,191 votes.

Californians seem to understand that despite their huge numbers, they are an ideologically foreign parasite at war with the antibodies of their host country.  It was a miracle that Proposition 8 once passed in California, but that was eight years ago, and we have seen no signs since then that California will be anything less than an over-the-top left wing disaster zone of vice, identity politics, and sexual chaos.
There are some anti-Trump forces in California so horrified at the 2016 election that they have suggested a "Calexit," a secessionist movement.  People who scoff at this idea seem to forget that Donald Trump just became the president-elect and that in this day and age, anything's possible.

I say, let California go.  It is true that the state has a great deal of money and natural resources, but the rest of the country has more of each.  The last time a state seceded, there was a civil war, but this time there wouldn't be one.
Californians do not find common values with any state outside their own.  They have no ideological principle that causes them to be so repugnant to the rest of their country.  Non-Californians would see little to save by forcing the state to be American.  Unlike the situation with African slavery, Californians choose to get high on reefer, buy breast implants, attempt to surgically reassign their genders, and hand off their children to be raised by undocumented nannies who do not speak English.  This is a secession we can have without bloodshed, trauma, or Walt Whitman.
This is a California thing.  Self-enclosed, spoiled, and yet emotionally frail, the state is utterly at odds with the rest of the country.  They are literally not "who we are as a country."  They are something else entirely.

Maybe they would be wildly successful on their own, with their mishmash of porn impresarios, cosmetologists, libertarians, film school hacks, prosperity preachers, illegal aliens, left-wing loudmouths, and oversexed homosexuals.  They would be a massively wealthy independent nation charting a course through new historical grounds. Maybe they would collapse under their own dysfunctional decadence and be horribly embarrassed about ever having condescended to the 283 million normal and self-sufficient Americans who don't live in their state.  Honestly, as a refugee from California State University-Northridge, I don't give a d---.

Let them go.


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一晚上,就一句话   “I am a magic  tree, Please say the magic words"







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